Media Wizz

Media Wizz is a digital-only ad agency based in Sandton, Johannesburg, passionate about online marketing solutions. We provide strategy creation, website development, website design, and media services to build your brand.

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Digital Design

Our mission is to optimize your online presence and push your brand to the forefront. We aim to create demand for your product or service through an overhaul of strategy and execution for your campaigns.

At Media Wizz, we focus on integration and data to build up your brand for long-lasting results. We set up an environment, analyze the data, improve it, and beat your competition.

Getting results that justify the work begins with understanding your audience and what they need. That’s why we report on your searches, social media, and all other channels. Plus, we customize it to you; no templates or cookie cutters are allowed.

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Our Core Services

At Media Wizz, we like to offer the full package and leave no stone unturned for your campaign. We start at the very beginning (the very best place to start) and build from there. There’s nothing uncovered by the time we’re done, and we can guarantee results.

Strategy & Research

First things first, we crack open your business and find everything we can about it. Then, we compare with your closest competition and pick out what you do better. With that information, we start building up a personalized strategy for you.

Web Development

No website functions perfectly (even ours!), so we take a gander at your site and what can use a refresh. Then, our team of web developers, web designers, and content writers build up your site with content, a fresh look, and maintain it.

Search Engine Optimisation

We use varying technical and content SEO tactics to build your organic traffic and search engine rankings to get to the top. These are based on specific keywords, terms, and other information to get your site on page one.

Link Building

Next up, we build links from our trusted backlink team to boost your domain authority and get the most out of your profile. Link building is like shaking hands with friends at a large gathering – you know you saw them, so it must be there.

Social Media

In the digital age, having an online footprint means posting to social platforms daily. So, we’ll handle your marketing needs by posting up a storm to draw in more traffic. Our social media specialists have a habit, and we like to support their need to post.

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Multimedia Design

Every brand needs a visual identity, so our multimedia designers put together a profile to make you recognizable across platforms. We pull together a cohesive strategy to put you on the map and help your audience recognize you anywhere.


When all’s said and data, the data will show what’s working and what’s not. So we’ll provide monthly reports on how you’re doing and tweak our approach to improve the data. No autogeneration here – it’s all customized to you.

Google Ads

Last but not least, some Google Ad campaigns to boost your brand awareness for the keywords we’ve identified. We’ll set up, track, and manage your campaigns to keep things affordable with the returns clearly shown.